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Database and Application Development (For Home Personal Computer)


I write Home PC Database Applications. My portfolio of solutions includes:


·         Mini Asset Registers

·         Calendar Planning tools

·         Friends/ Contacts Databases

·         Home Resource Planning Tools


At the RHS of this screen you will find a German and an English Flyer to my latest Database offering- a Model Aeroplane Hobbyist Database.


Tutoring in Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology (Inclusive Matura and University)


I also offer private tutoring in the following subject areas:


·         Arithmetic and Geometric series, Functions, Calculus, Probability, Geometry; …

·         Linear Programming, Simplex Method, Transportation Model; ...

·         Boolean Logic, LISP and Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Mathematics; …

·         Newtonian Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Magnetism, Electricity; ...

·         Advanced Calculus, Differential Equations in two Dimensions, Advanced Integration, Taylor series; …








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